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Address Karoliny Světlé 30, Praha 1 See us in map

Sídlo provozovatelky: Zelená 1749/30, Praha 6, 16000

Mo-Fri: 15.00-01.00
Sat: 15.00-01.00
Sun: 16.00-01.00

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Prague360.com: “..hipster, all welcome cafe, pub and all round fun place. Friendly, loud, and expect to get somethin spilled on you, but hell, this aint vienna, and you aren’t looking for a social ball in this place. The staff are cool, and will help you through the drink menu till you can’t order on your own. Usually a pretty wild night can be found here 4 out of 7 nights a week, not too shabby.”

Easyjetinflight: “A place for the more freespirited crowd looking for a quiet place to sip on tea or a glass of wine. Just steps from the river, the place is not only tourist-free, but it’s also uniquely decorated—so expect a life-saving ring and a wooden tiger rather than the ultra-modern furnishings that come with most of Prague’s cafés.”

Prague Off the Map.com: “Duende is a hard to define word. You can say, “tener duende,” which means something like having soul. And that’s exactly how the essence of this centrally, located bar can be described: as having soul. Lots of it. The decorations of the place are rather ramshackle and eccentric, leaving you with the feeling that you just stepped into a very strange antique store. The crowd here is rather mixed: lots of expats (foreigners who have jumped their home-country ship), younger Czechs, and an assortment of other intellectual, artistic outsiders.”

Virtualtourist.com:“The moment you feel sick of being pushed by overexcited tourists on the main square it is time to relax and visit Duende. After my second beer I felt I could almost speak czech.”

Lonely Planet: “Barely five minutes’ walk from Charles Bridge but half a world away in atmosphere, this cute little bar is the opposite of touristy – a bohemian drinking den that pulls in an arty, mixed-age crowd of locals. Here you can enjoy a drink while casting an eye over the fascinating photos and quirky art that cover the wall, or listen to live guitar or violin.”

10best.com: “When you have been to Duende once, you will always return. This casually sophisticated bar is simply perfect for a coffee in the morning or drinks and cocktails in the evening. Even though smoking has partially been banned in Prague, Duende is still one of smokiest bars in town and the perfect hang-out for inveterate smokers. This split-level bar is a favorite among residents, ex-pats, students and artists, still it never seems overcrowded. Try their British Bernard 13 degree lager as a change from Czech beers. Fringed lampshades, old tennis rackets, photos and ancient phones add to the bohemian atmosphere of this funky little bar.”